Featured Initiatives

Judy Carbone is proud to have served on the board of Engage Mountain Maryland for 3 years and is a founding board member. Below are a selection of videos highlighting the initiatives of some local citizens throughout Garrett County that have engaged our community in local issues. 

Engage Mountain maryland

Engage Mountain Maryland empowers people to find their voice. Whether it's attending a public hearing, meeting or in the voting booth, each citizen has the opportunity to be heard.

Economics of Healthcare

Engage Mountain Maryland presents a panel discussion on the Economics of Healthcare Coverage. Five local healthcare professionals will address, through a moderated panel discussion, the economic state of rural healthcare. Americans are facing rapid changes to how they pay for medical services and long-term care along with rural hospitals and businesses that rely on funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid to meet the needs of their communities.

you+2 Campaign

Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections is far more important than you may realize. Local, regional and state elections have far greater impact on your daily life than any presidential race ever will. What's important to you? Is it your schools, roads, taxes, utilities, or employment opportunities?

You+2 and AAUW-Garrett Branch

The American Association of University Women hosted a screening of "Iron Jawed Angels" to raise awareness about the women's suffrage movement that brought about the 19th Amendment, finally allowing women the right to vote in the United States.