You + 2 Focuses on voter registration, turnout

Article from the Republican Newspaper February 22, 2018

OAKLAND — With local and state primary and general elections on the horizon, Engage Mountain Maryland is promoting voter turnout through its You+2 campaign.

“Part of EMM is about giving voice to citizens, particularly when an issue is large enough that together we have a larger voice,” EMM board member Judy Albers Carbone said during a recent meeting in Oakland. “And there’s probably no better place to have a voice as a citizen than voting.”

You Plus Two, she explained, is about a resident committing to the idea of being registered to vote, pledging to vote in the upcoming elections, and encouraging at least two other people to register and/or vote. Each of those people will then pledge to get two more residents to register and vote, and so on.

GC Commission for Women presents 2017 update report

Article from the Republican Newspaper November 30, 2017, Written by Renée Shreve

OAKLAND — Garrett County Commission for Women members presented their 2017 annual report during the county commissioners’ meeting last Tuesday at the courthouse in Oakland.

“I have the pleasure of working with an amazing group of women,” GCCW Chairwoman Judy Carbone told the commissioners. “You know that because you have appointed them.”

In addition to Carbone, the group comprises B.J. Gallagher, vice chair; Linda Carr, secretary; Sherri Fredlock, treasurer; Cherie Krug; Kitty Lauer; Maureen Myers; Kristal Huber; Michelle Harman; Robin Bissell; Lisa Thayer Welch; Cheryl DeBerry; and Rachel Friend-Lantz. They meet every other month.

EMM Launching new program to encourage voting

Article from the Republican Newspaper October 12, 2017, Written by Mary Sincell McEwen

Engage Mountain Maryland (EMM) will be launching a new initiative to encourage residents to not only register to vote, but also get to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections. The initiative is called You+2 and asks voters to pledge to vote, either by early voting, absentee balloting, or turning out for the official election day.

Once a pledge is made, that voter also pledges to get two more pledges, either verbally or by tagging family and friends through social media outlets. The goal is to achieve the highest national per-capita voter turnout in the 2018 midterm election.

EMM board member Judy Carbone began the process by offering to make voter registration available at all future EMM and partner events. She arranged for several board members to attend a voter registration tutorial at the Garrett County Board of Elections.

AAUW to screen 'Iron Jawed Angels' at Garrett

Article from the Republican Newspaper October 12, 2017

MCHENRY — The Garrett Branch of the American Association of University Women has announced that, together with the newly formed AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter, the organization is hosting a showing of the film “Iron Jawed Angels” in the auditorium at Garrett College Wednesday. There will be two showings, one at 3 p.m. and the second at 6 p.m.

This movie portrays the real-life story of young women who use their right to protest and personally sacrifice a great deal to bring attention to the women’s suffrage movement. It is because of these women, in part, that today’s women have the right to vote. The movie showing is free and open to the general public.

With two showings of the movie, there will also be a time in between during which the AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter will be encouraging attendees to register to vote. Assisted by Engage Mountain Maryland as part of its new “You+2 Voter Registration Initiative,” trained voter registration volunteers will be on hand to help participants with the registration paperwork and answer questions about upcoming elections.

County Democrats slate new event: DEM Fest

Article From the Republican Newspaper September 26, 2017, Written by Mary Sincell McEwen

McHENRY — An evening to “generate energy and enthusiasm” among Garrett County Democrats is being planned for Saturday, Oct. 14, at the MoonShadow Cafe in McHenry. “DEM Fest” is the name of the new event, created by Democrats for Garrett County and the Garrett County Democratic Central Committee, by authority of treasurer Jeff Hovis.

“We chose Autumn Glory Saturday night because it is a homecoming weekend for all who have moved out of the area for economic and other reasons,” said Dawn Beitzel, event organizer. “It is time we work together as a community to provide economic opportunities and lifestyles that will perpetuate positive growth and development to Garrett County.”

DEM Fest is open to all party affiliations and will feature two popular local musical performers, Rob Smith and the Terah Crawford Band.

Scholarships Presented to GC Grads

Article from the Republican Newspaper August 3, 2017, Written by Rachel Vecchioni

OAKLAND — Courtney Maust and Shay Lynn Rae Tasker were both selected as recipients of the Mary Blair Whytsell Scholarship, which is given annually to selected women who have graduated from Garrett College with an “outstanding” academic record and are transferring to a four-year institution in the next academic year. Both Maust and Tasker graduated in May 2017 with high overall grade-point averages.

Maust is a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member who will attend Frostburg State University this fall and major in social work. She said that she chose social work as her educational and career goal after working with the Salvation Army in Columbus, Ohio. She helped there by providing food, water and hygiene supplies to women on the streets who had been forced into sex trafficking.

“This experience opened (my) eyes to the horrors of human sex trafficking,” she said, “and motivated (me) to strive to advocate for women and young girls who are voiceless and being abused.”

EMM to host panel discussion on healthcare changes, concerns

Article from the Republican Newspaper August 3, 2017, Written by Mary Sincell McEwen

Engage Mountain Maryland (EMM) has announced it will host a nonpartisan panel discussion — Who Pays? The Economics of Health-Care Coverage — at the Garrett College auditorium on Tuesday, Aug. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m.

The panel discussion will be led by area health-care professionals and leaders. EMM president Mark Stutzman said the event, which is free and open to the public, is relevant for any citizen insured through a private company or the government-run Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Medical professionals may also like to learn more about how changes to the current health-care system could impact them personally, through their work, or in their medical practice,” Stutzman said. “Even though the event targets Garrett County, the subject matter is applicable to any rural economy.”