Judy Carbone for Garrett County Commissioner

-Endorsements for Judy A. Carbone-

I have known Judy since 2010 and have always found her to be a great listener and problem solver. Her dedication to the community of Garrett County is demonstrated by her work at Mountain Laurel Medical Center, Garrett College and now HART for Animals. I believe she would bring a fresh and informed voice to county government!
— Michael Bello, GC Resident

Judy Carbone is one of the most authentic and trustworthy people I know. As a community college student, she guided and counseled me. As a professional, she modeled work ethic and dedication. As a person, she is in tune with the needs of Garrett County and truly committed to facilitating change.

(Judy is) one of the most active community members... hearing her speak at several community meetings and functions, I’m blown away by her
thoughtful, respectful, considerate, insightful, balanced and fair views on behalf of the entire community. Her education and social involvements clearly make her a positive addition to the communities needs.
(Judy is) precisely what a struggling community which has the potential this one has, needs. I highly doubt any of the current leadership has the volunteer ethics or social calendar she keeps.
We know this community is underachieving in it’s obvious capabilities.
That’s in part due to the unchallenged views we currently struggle with.
— Kevin Raiman, GC Resident

Judy is an effective advocate for social justice, voting rights, acceptance, economic opportunity, and gender and racial equality.

She also devotes a significant amount of time and effort working throughout Garrett County volunteering on Boards past and present, and many non-profit organizations while supervising hundreds of volunteers.

Judy understands how local government works, ....and doesn’t.
She can hit the ground running on day one of her term.

I especially appreciate Judy’s thoughtful leadership. She seeks out new ideas and perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes, and develops reasonable positions.

Judy is approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well.

Please join me in voting for Judy A. Carbone for Garrett County Commissioner, District 1.
— Betty Pritt, President, Garrett County Democratic Club

I am delighted to provide my enthusiastic endorsement of Judy Carbone for Garrett County commissioner. I have been privileged to know Judy on both a personal and professional level, and I can attest to her integrity, intelligence, and deep commitment to serving the interests of the citizens of Garrett County. I am convinced that Judy will work to promote full transparency of matters being deliberated by the Board of Commissioners, and will strive to understand and support the needs of all of the County’s citizens. Her past engagement with issues affecting the County, along with her volunteer efforts on behalf of many County organizations, has made her uniquely qualified to understand and address the needs of the County going forward. As commissioner, Judy will endeavor to become fully informed on the issues affecting the County, and will actively seek input from local groups and citizens regarding those issues before acting. I believe it is time for a fresh and energetic voice representing the citizens of our County. I believe that Judy is that voice. That’s why she has my whole-hearted support.
— Dick Carroll, Garrett County resident

When I think about the future of Garrett County, my first thought is of our children. My
daughter was born and raised here in Garrett County and as an adult, she has shared how
grateful she is to have grown up in a beautiful and safe environment. After a twelve-year
absence, I returned to Garrett County to retire. I live here because it is beautiful and because I
love and appreciate our cultural uniqueness.
The children growing up now in Garrett County face far more dangerous challenges than ever
before. We no longer are isolated from serious addiction issues and we find these issues on the
front page of our newspaper.
"We have serious issues and we need serious people to address them." Individuals whose
experience and training provides them with unique and credible abilities. Integrity and a
willingness to work really hard to bring people together to resolve the critical issues facing
Garrett County today.
Judy Carbone is just such an individual. Judy has committed herself to serving Garrett County
with dedication and integrity. She is skilled in bringing people together as well as helping to
bridge our common differences. Judy is aware of and committed to improvidng opportunities
for everyone who desires to remain in Garrett County. Judy offers a much needed change and
Garrett County needs her to be a Commissioner!
— Gloria Salazar, Garrett County Resident