Endorsements for Judy A. Carbone

(Judy is) one of the most active community members... hearing her speak at several community meetings and functions, I’m blown away by her
thoughtful, respectful, considerate, insightful, balanced and fair views on behalf of the entire community. Her education and social involvements clearly make her a positive addition to the communities needs.
(Judy is) precisely what a struggling community which has the potential this one has, needs. I highly doubt any of the current leadership has the volunteer ethics or social calendar she keeps.
We know this community is underachieving in it’s obvious capabilities.
That’s in part due to the unchallenged views we currently struggle with.
— Kevin Raiman, GC Resident

Judy Carbone is one of the most authentic and trustworthy people I know. As a community college student, she guided and counseled me. As a professional, she modeled work ethic and dedication. As a person, she is in tune with the needs of Garrett County and truly committed to facilitating change.